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SOARWare is a powerful, longitudinal survey software tool. It is unique and years beyond current industry standards (Survey Monkey).

The key to SOARWare's power is unique dynamic real-time subject time-tracking capability in longitudinal surveys. It allows the client to have simple, easy to control functions and tasks that basically let the SOARware do all the work and run a longitudinal survey from a simple, user-friendly desktop!


  • SOARWare optimizes resource allocation. Key features are client-friendly, easy to use.
  • It is fully customizable to meet our Client’s needs and design specifications.
  • Subjects can be tracked over customized time periods, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months and years. All monitoring, compliance, communications and outcomes are linked to each subject’s time-in-study module.
  • Reporting structure approach maximizes efficiency (fully customizable).
  • Content Elements are easily edited and modified in real-time by the client to reflect administrative, (IRB) and licensing requirements.
  • SOARWare is designed for all sizes of institutions from individual or small business to the large scale university, government, military or corporate level.
  • With SOARWare the sky truly is the limit! The most advanced customizable patient tracking software in the world today!

Let Us Make Your Idea into a SOARWare Reality!